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In this page briefly i will introduce you to my artistic research and i will explain some fields in which i like to express with. It does not want to be an exhaustive explanation but rather a quick review of my main fields of expression. For a deeper understanding of my artworks and a better fruition of them, i suggest a visit to my official artistic website.


L'Eterno dilemma

L'Eterno dilemma, acrylic color on canvas, 30x30 cm, 2018.

Walter Perdan

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I like the abstract art and the surreal art, my paintings reflect this my enjoyment. I usually paint with acrylic colors, watercolors and other techniques. I create forms that represent state of mind rather imitate Nature. In my paintings, i try to find a balance between expression and abstraction, innovation and tradition.

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Respiro cosmico

Respiro cosmico, Carrara marble, 55x30x30 cm, 2011.

Walter Perdan

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I create abstract sculptures with different materials: Marble, stone, wood, bronze, acrylic and epoxy resyns. I like to feel the material under my fingers and express my emotions of Form and of Nature. A part of my research wants to represent the concepts of time and space and the change of our being in a “liquid” society: The reflection of our way of living and thinking in the contemporary world.

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Interactive artworks

Art is a joke

Art is a joke, acrylic color on canvas, 70x50 cm, 2018.

Walter Perdan

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The majority of interactive artworks consist of acrylic paintings with markers for augmented reality. My research consists in finding an agreement between the abstract forms of the markers and the abstract organic forms of my paintings. Above the markers you can see text appearing, particle animations, 3d objects or videos. My effort is to continuously find new ways to make art and move the limit of language …

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