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Migrating plans for the website.

I’m planning to migrate my site to this location. There are several reasons for this: Mainly because i have my new personal and official website, i don’t want to have duplicate content and, most important, this is my website for interactive art. So I will transfer my hosting to github, maintaining my hostname Actually my improvements to the site consist in “amplyfing” it. That’s means adding AMP technology. I red that should be faster on mobile dispositives, and in fact it is. Many advantages using this tech, but maybe other bad aspects that i’m not sure. An expert html javascript developer probably would be capable to do better things and realize at the end a website with equal performances.

I hope only that someone can use my website with a reasonable speed and maybe enjoy or take note of some interesting artworks. I would do some regular post on this blog, I haven’t a clear idea with which frequency and arguments, but it’s an idea that I must continue and cultivate.

Walter Perdan