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Suono di superficie my new interactive artwork with Artivive.

Suono di superficie

Suono di superficie, acrylic color on canvas, 70x50 cm, 2018.

Walter Perdan

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What is Artivive technology?

This is a new technology for developing augmented reality applications. It is very simple, if you are an artist you can register for free and you have 5 projects slot ready to be engaged. Artivive use a markerless approach, in theory you can use every image you can imagine for your art. This as said in theory, there are images that are recognized better than other. Pictures with a high contrast in color, with a good amount of detail are well suited; instead a blurish image and one with too rounded shape will get some issue. It is better to check before to start to make any animation or video for the interactive artwork. You can upload your image in one of your project slot and upload a simple video for testing pourpose, after some minutes you will get the response: in the worste case zero or one star, in the best case 4-5 stars.

What i have done with Artivive?

My experience with Artivive begin with artwork “Suono di superficie” (English: Sound surface). It is an acrylic painting on canvas recently added to my production. I thought that simple shapes with rounded corners was ideal for Artivive, but i was wrong. Initially i get only one star, and after some improvements enhanching the image brightness and contrast i get finally three star. As i said before i suggest to check if the image is good or bad in speed terms. The things changes if you work entirely digitally. You can run a test and in this way frequently verify “the speed of the image”. I made the animation with Synfig and I used Natron for some post effects ( the glitch and noise part). You can see below a short video taken directly by Artivive. In fact in your smartphone (Android or Ios), when you lanch the app and the animation start, you can choice to share a short video with different options. My future development with Artivive, it will almost certainly involve the new 3D video feature. But this is another story to tell in a future article on this blog… See you soon!

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