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Upcoming projects with Augmented Reality.

Noise (Mon cher Mondrian)

Noise (Mon cher Mondrian), acrylic color on canvas, 100x70 cm, 2018.

Walter Perdan

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I would partecipate to some Augmented Reality exhibition, but in Italy is very difficult i think. I am open to every possibility in my country but honestly it is a bit difficult to find such opportunities here in Italy. I am constantly searching for interesting open call and similar events. I found this open call at Kaleida studio while i was viewing new posts on my instagram feed. The project aim to show interesting augmented reality artworks realized with Artivive. The theme is: “Pushing Boundaries”, What does it means? If you read the open call they give some suggestions, like “a character almost climb out of the print” or pushing to the extreme the boundaries between the gallery and the artwork itself “(Doors, windows, portals that open into the beyond)” or a text that activated reveal something else, or take advantage of the Artivive’s alpha channel capability. The most important fact is to engage the brain of the viewer to involve him in an innovative experience and push the limit of the known.

What i will do?

I have an idea to present for the open call, i hope that i will be able to develop and to make it sufficiently interesting and promising. I do not explain the details and i do not show anything for now, I will be happy to do so, once the project has been sent and the terms for the open call have expired. But, of course, It will be in line with what I did and I realized lately. For sure it will be an abstract-organic design, probably the final artwork will be in a digital format, in this way it is easier to send it anywhere in the world, at least this time, if i will be selected.

Walter Perdan