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Artivive - interactive art for free

Cubist dragon

Cubist dragon, digital artwork for free, 2019.

Walter Perdan

I made this interactive work for the Kaleidastudio open call “Push the boundaries”. The project did not pass the selection and i decided to release for personal use of my followers. What does it means? You can download the image from this link, print it and start to enjoy the Augmented Reality.

First you need to install the Artivive app: go to google play and catch it! After installed, launch the app and point the camera of your smarphone to the picture. In few seconds the animation will start! You need a good internet connection to download the video data. If you can send me a message on twitter or instagram with a sceenshot!

Note on the license

I grant the image with these conditions, i am the owner of the image, all copyrights are reserved; you can’t sell the image or the video, nor any modified part. You can store the file on you computer and you can distribute the file for a not commercial use including with the distribution this license.

Walter Perdan