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Improvements: migrating to uploadcare and other news.

Art is a joke

Art is a joke, acrylic color on canvas, 70x50 cm, 2018.

Walter Perdan

In this last month i was focused in the development of my two websites and the javascript library jsartoolkit5. I will explain better. I am a visual artist but i am interested in the development of applications with augmented reality: you can found some informations for the interactive part of my works in the website and all my artworks ( not related only to interactive art) are presented in my official website As i said i worked on adding image responsive feature to my website; at the beginning i implemented the jekyll-responsive-image plugin ( my site is a static site based on Jekyll), not bad but as i started to add .webp format i had some issue with the server because it hasn’t the required imagemagick library supporting the .webp format. And also my github repository was getting bigger and bigger. For this reason i start to migrating to uploadcare services: It is a service company that provide a CDN where to store your images. You upload your images to the uploadcare server and you past a link in your < img > tag:

<img src="">

The benefit of this approach is:

  • less stress for the hosting server (at least with jekyll and imagemagick)
  • the github repository will be lighter, because you will not store anymore any images.

I will use this service also for my other website, but, for this, i slowly migrating to a “Gatsbyjs” system. Gatsby.js is an plugin ecosystem based primarly on React. I am learning both, but it seems very promising. The main characteristic of React is the use of Virtual DOM and the Component architecture. I will inform you of my progress…

In these days i spent also my time to improve the Jsartoolkit5 library. I would add the NFT ( Natural Feature Tracking ) , that is a markerless approach for the augmented reality applications. To be honest there is already a NFT branch but the problem is the slow performances in fps terms and the fact that it is very old: it require an update.

For now i solved some problems while compiling the lib; the next step will be to find the bottlenecks of the code ( i think it will be not so easy), I hope to solve this, it will be very interesting developing some apps with a markerless approach.

From this point of view i am working on some collage art with markers and augmented reality thanks to AR.js library. It is the same approach that i used to make “Art is a joke” the acrylic painting showed in this page.

I also start to build some Markerless app and artworks based on the ArtoolkitX library for Android., until NFT will not available in jsartoolkit5 and AR.js.

Walter Perdan