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Noise Noise interactive artwork

Noise Noise, acrylic color on canvas, 70x50 cm, 2019.

Noise Noise” is an interactive abstract painting with an application for augmented reality. The artwork has been painted with the acrylic color. The software application was created with AR.js and Three.js open source libs: I had to use a more recent version of the Three.js library because the one present in the Ar.js repository did not support some post-effect functions. The version currently in use is the r86, while the one I updated is the r103. I am also updating the version in the original AR.js. library in a Pull Request. If anyone is interested, they can follow developments by visiting this link. Returning to the work, I would like to emphasize, that I always look for simplicity in my interactive artworks. At times they may seem difficult to understand, in some works I have in fact used encrypted messages, which require some attention or inventiveness (!). In this case, however, I wanted to be less conceptual and more visually striking. I am interested in the world of noise and glitch, because they describe the characteristics of Nature and Information, which are evident in their factuality. I think I will continue my research in this regard. “Noise Noise” is a simple application of some GLSL shaders and postproduction effects, a series of random triangles that rotate to which all this is applied. I also want to create a contrast between the manual aspect of painting and the artificiality of the software application in order to create an interest in the work. Upcoming developments in my research? More noise and lots of glitches !!

Walter Perdan