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Noise noise, interactive art with augmented reality.

Noise noise, acrylic color on canvas, 70 x 50 cm, 2019.

I like experimentation, and noise art has something that fascinates me a lot. The terms glitch art and noise art are often mixed, and in fact they are very close to each other. They are only two different aspects of the same theme. “Glitch” is actually a technical term that indicates a disturbance that occurs during the transmission of a signal. “Noise” instead, concerns a wider range of meanings. Not only in a technical-scientific context but also more practical and everyday living. It also invests the language and its internal regulation mechanisms.

My work <noise> </noise> plays on these aspects. The word noise is enclosed between two graphic symbols < > as in the Html language, it becomes part of a “markup language” as indeed it is the HTML or other programming markup languages. Within these two tags there is a marker for augmented reality. I created a simple noise_noise application with which, by placing a smartphone with a camera on the marker, it is possible to see geometric shapes that become animated and undergo transformations, given by noise algorithms and glitch effects.

A game of Chinese boxes between the meaning of the marker and the <noise> </noise> markers that contain the same. I am about to make other similar works of interactive art, in the present I am preparing a series of abstract drawings with markers for augmented reality that I will shortly post on this blog. For those who want to try <noise> </noise> visit this link.

I’m also working a lot on the development of the jsartoolkit5.js and AR.js libraries, and the conversion of my official website to a version based on Gatsbyjs and React frameworks, I hope to write more articles about it. See you soon!

Walter Perdan