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In front of Studio Orta atelier

In front of Studio Orta atelier and Clouds | Metoros, artwork presented at 2013 Terrace Wires, St Pancras International London, UK.

Studio Orta les Moulins

From September until the beginning of December I was lucky enough to work at the studio of artists Jorge and Lucy Orta in France. I was in the middle of the French countryside, about an hour from Paris. The area is famous for Brie cheese and in fact the site of Les Moulins is not very far from Coulommiers, where they produce the Brie-type cheese of the same name. At the beginning of the 90s the artist duo bought the industrial site of S.Mairie, where once the watermark paper was produced. From an abandoned factory the place becomes a place dedicated to the creation and dissemination of art, thanks also to the presence of the Galleria Continua and other artists.

I met Jorge Orta in 2010 during a workshop when I was still attending the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna: in this workshop, on the theme of Art and Science, he presented his work and his great project to create a small city of art in Les Moulins. We were all impressed and soon asked if it was possible to do an internship in their studio. And so I did my internship in France and began my collaboration with Studio Orta. During this last period, from September to December, I dealt with various things, such as helping with the creation of artistic works, packaging and subsequent dispatch of works for exhibitions, reorganization of spaces and management of laboratories and much more …

Despite the rhythms of work sustained at the Studio Orta I still managed to carry out part of my projects: my path regarding sculpture and drawing and my research on augmented reality. Before leaving, in fact I was collaborating to the creation of an augmented reality software based on a “markerless” technology see this page on github. We have come to a good point and hopefully we will soon be able to release a stable version that works quite well on most devices. In this regard, if you are interested, you can read this article.

Finally I’m reading the Augmented Reality Art book: From an Emerging Technology to a Novel Creative Medium, edited by Vladimir Geroimenko I think one of the most updated books on augmented reality and art, I highly recommend reading it if you are interested in learning more on this topic.

Walter Perdan