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Walter Perdan Patreon page

Patreon a platform to support creatives

I recently started managing my personal page on Patreon. Patreon is a platform that let a creator share his work and get support by patrons, supporters which give direct monetary aid at different levels based on own availability. Visual artists, Illustrators, video makers, singers, musicians are some categories present on Patreon. intend to present exclusive content on my Patreon page that can help in creating augmented reality applications. I don’t want to create an exclusive channel anyway, but at the same time present my progress in the field of programming and visual arts. I will try as far as I can to regularly post content and share success. I recently brought NFT technology to the heart of jsartoolkit5 read more in this article. It is a big step for the open source and all creatives because it will allow you to do things, first only through the payment of software. However, there are still many improvements to be made to the code and this takes time, energy and require determination. We have managed to create a nice group of motivated people and we believe we can do great things. I am part of two github organizations for augmented reality in which there are several projects at stake. The organizations for AR, I belong to are: AR-js-org and augmentmy-world Certainly beautiful things will be born and if you wish you can participate. If you intend to support me in this sense and be part of my path, visit my page at

Walter Perdan