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AR.js as github org

Discover the new AR.js org!

AR.js has reached a remarkable milestone, which in fact leads it to be one of the most important Open Source projects for Augmented Reality: the first most noteworthy thing is that it has become an organization on github, second but not least it has reached the version 3.0.0 with integrated NFT (Natural Feature Tracking) technology. AR.js is a project started by Jerome Etienne and maintained by Nicolò Carpignoli. The transformation into an organization will allow better management of the code and all aspects of an Open Source project.

What is AR.js?

Ar.js is a library entirely written in javascript for the creation of Web Apps for Augmented Reality (hereafter AR). It is based internally on jsartolkit5, the javascript port of Artoolkit5 the well-known AR project. I will not go into detail on the code parts, I will only tell you that three types of AR are currently possible:

  • Image Tracking
  • Location Based AR
  • Marker Tracking

Image Tracking is a Markerless technology i.e. without the use of Pattern Marker. This is possible thanks to the recent implementation of NFT (Natural Feature Tracking) within jsartoolkit5. The advantages are the use of almost any image and greater freedom. But beware this is a newly implemented feature and need for improvements.

Location Based is AR that can be positioned in a place, thanks to GPS data. This allows you to position any 3D or other object in the scene.

Marker Tracking is the most traditional AR, which makes use of necessarily square Pattern Markers with a border of a certain thickness and uniform color (usually black or white).

The main advantage of using AR.js lies in the fact that once the code is written it is immediately usable, it is sufficient to place it on a web server: it is only a page written in HTML, javascript and CSS.

NFT the new feature inside AR.js

NFT tracking with jsartoolkit5 the core of AR.js!

New organization, new documentation.

A fundamental aspect of a project is its documentation. What is a code library if you don’t know how to use it? Writing good documentation is an important part of the project, therefore an official Ar.js documentation has been created in this github repository and available online at this address: We believe that good documentation is a strong point of every open source project, so we will try to improve it more and more. If you intend to contribute to the project, help us improve it, join us.


Visit the documentation page at

In addition, the organization was born for a simple reason: we did not want to see such a beautiful project die, and we think collaboration is an important part of the opensource: what incredible goals can we achieve together if everyone starts to collaborate and make their own contribution? In our opinion AR.js and the new organization will have a glorious future and will be the promoter of important and incredible projects!

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Walter Perdan