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Webarkit: A new github org

Webarkit logo

In early May we ( me and Thorsten Bux ) founded a new github organization for the development of Web Augmented Reality solutions. We called Webarkit because we think every developers or creatives will use this kit to create the next WebAR dimension of making amazing AR. We are just starting but our main goal is to offer a range of tools to help developers and not, to create WebAR with just few clicks of a mouse.

We are already working on this with arStudio see my article: arStudio a new open source tool for augmented reality. This will become WebarStudio, once finished in Webarkit. If you have read the article you will know that it is based on Webglstudio a new web editor based esclusively on WebGL.

But we don’t want to develop only a Web Editor, we saw that in the AR open source world the most used toolkit for Augmented Reality - Artoolkit - is dead, and is successor ArtoolkitX is not very friendly to port to javascript with Emscripten. We want bring the best from the two and move on. We want to focus on image tracking ( NFT ) and other technologies, like face tracking, hand tracking and planar tracking to name a few. For this reason we don’t intend to be a substitute for Ar.js, or a replacement for it. We are moving instead on different basis.

We have in mind also a new system for image tracking, this probably will be based on OpencCV, but if we find another better approach we are happy to change our plans.

For now we have a basic website, with which we will make public news regarding the development of the code and tools. So if you are interested take note of this.

Further news will be released constantly on our website and on Twitter @WebarkitO and other social channels.

If you are a developer and you would like to contribute in some way to the project just send us a message to our twitter account, we will happy to add you and discuss all together about the project.

We think that collaboration is an important key in our lives and open source is a good practice to keep and extends to many fields of human being.

Walter Perdan