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In this period I have no particular news regarding the field of research on augmented reality and the artistic field. The lockdown before and my current job does not leave me much free time. However, despite the difficulties, I managed to create the new site for the Refuge Casa Alpina “Julius Kugy”. The website is available at At the same time I created the Julian-Alps github organization to make the website open source. In this way anyone interested (and has the ability to do it) can contribute to the project. It is also my intention to release plugins and/or other useful code to help other developers in creating websites. The website has in fact been developed with Gatsbyjs an innovative framework based on javascript. I have already used this technology for my official website see my article: “International version of the website” I hope to have more time in the near future and to devote more to my artistic and non-artistic projects; stay tuned to this blog to find out more!

Walter Perdan