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ARnft and JsartookitNFT are part of WebAR Kit

ARnft WebAR with NFT markerless

A screenshot of the ARnft development in the Atom editor

I decided to transfer the ownership of my two projects ARnft and JsartoolkitNFT to the github organization WebAR Kit, you can visit the website, because i believe in this project. I have written about jsartoolkitNFT in a previuos article: JsartoolkitNFT: simplified version of jsartoolkit5 for NFT. Initially ARnft was developed as part of jsartoolkitNFT, but i realized that was better to separate the two. JsartoolkitNFT is the low level API with the Emscripten port of WebARKitLib, instead ARnft manage and simplify the rendering part. It is based on the awesome Three.js rendering project, but we have plan to add support for Aframe.js and the Babylon.js engine.

They are not perfect and they are not for sure the best libs you can find for markerless Augmented Reality, but it is possible to improve them. A very good point is that they can be imported as a module because have ES6 support. We are working to improve the “filtering” of pose matrix, we want also to add new features and methods.

I hope that many projects will be created with them, and the open source community will contribute to his development, as part of the WebAR Kit project.

If you encounter any problems with ARnft or jsartoolkitNFT, you can report in the ARnft issue tracker or in the jsartoolkitNFT issue tracker. Thank you for reading and see you again!

Walter Perdan